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HuntWise maps, property lines and markers can be accessed offline when you are in remote areas. To be able to retrieve this data, go to Maps, select the Property option, and scroll to your saved areas. Download each property. Once the download is complete, you can retrieve your data on or offline.


Hunt Areas are like folders that hold all the information for your hunt. They contain your area map, and markers, and can be downloaded to be used offline without an internet connection to be used in the field. 


Hunt Areas provide additional tools for your hunt. You can use HuntCast and WindCast to identify the best days to hunt, as well as compare which stand within that Hunt Area you should sit at any given time. Hunt Areas can also easily be shared with friends, family, and other hunters to scout and hunt together.


Creating a Hunt Area

To get started, tap the Add to Map Menu. This will open the menu and display the various tools available to choose from.


Tap Create / Offline Hunt Area. This will open the Create Hunt Area view, and display the different area creation methods.

  • Select Parcels: Create a hunting area by selecting the different land parcels available from our Property Lines map tool.
  • Manually Draw: Place points freely to manually create your hunt area.
  • Fit-to-Screen(Quick Add): Create a hunting area that fits the area displayed on your device screen.

Select your Hunt Area creation method, and either tap parcels to select your Hunt Area, tap the screen to draw, or Quick Add your Hunt Area.


When finished, tap Save.


Enter a name for your new Hunt Area in the Name this Hunt Area view.


Tap Done when finished.


After creating your Hunt Area, you will be able to download it for offline use via the Download for Offline Use modal. You are not required to offline your Hunt Area to create it.

    • This will allow for your map to be used when you are not connected to the internet, such as in the field on a hunt.
    • There are various resolutions available to download for offline use. The key here is the higher the resolution, the larger the file size necessary to download.


Tap the map resolution you would like (Low, Medium, High) to download – then tap Download to download the Hunt Area to your device.

  • Tap Cancel if you do not need to download the Hunt Area offline.
  • You can always download this Hunt Area to be used offline later in the My Content menu.
Your Hunt Area will now appear on the map. hunt_area_finished.png

Tapping Open next to the name of your Hunt Area will open more options.

  • Add Marker: Create additional Map Markers on your Hunt Area
  • Predict: Launch HuntCast and predict the best time to hunt that location up to 15 days out.
  • WindCast: Compare wind direction on Blinds and Stands that are in view up to 15 days out.
  • Invite: Share this Hunt Area with a friend, family member, or another hunter.
  • Users with Access: Manage users that have access to your hunt area and markers
    • You can invite friends, family, and other hunters to your Hunt Area, as well as open the Hunt Area menu to see additional tools.

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