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Deborah Fagan
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We’ve updated our HuntWise app to include a “More” tab

On April 15th, 2024, we replaced the “me” tab with a “more” tab, letting you customize your profile with just a few clicks and all in one convenient place. 

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What can you do within the “More” Tab?


Edit Profile: 

Customize how your profile looks to other HuntWise members. Update contact info, change your username or password, manage your membership, link your YouTube channel, or modify your notification settings.



This is where you can find any of your recent notifications – such as peak hunting alerts – will appear here.


Share HuntWise: 

Sharing is caring! Get your friends and family in on the fun by inviting them to join HuntWise so you can collaborate on hunt strategy and trip planning.



Watch your follower count grow on HuntWise social! You can view the number of followers you’ve got and who you’re following on HW social


Hunt Areas: 

View or make changes to your hunt areas – quickly and easily!



Explore exclusive discounts on popular gear from all our retail brand partners.


License & Regulations: 

Quickly access state regulations, purchase your hunting license, and stay up to date so you’re always safe and legal.


Field Guide: 

Access exclusive hunting content, tips and tricks, safety best practices – our Field Guide has everything you need to stay in the know.



Update notification settings, toggle between metric and imperial measurements, sign out, or even delete your account if you need to. (But we really hope you stay!)


Privacy Center: 

Read our privacy policy and terms of use or make your profile private.



Need help making the most of HuntWise? You’re not alone. These quick reference guides should have what you’re looking for. And if they don’t, shoot us an email at We’ll answer as soon as we can!



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