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Not everyone hunts solo or hunts a piece of land by themselves, and the community it creates, and builds is what makes hunting special. Friends, family, and other hunters may share and hunt the same spots throughout a season, and sharing Hunt Areas and Markers makes that easier.


HuntWise allows for a versatile approach to sharing map elements. You can share in real-time, so that any adjustments, updates, images, and comments on markers and hunt areas appear on all shared accounts instantly. This is especially powerful if a group is blood trailing, and you need to mark the last blood so everyone can view it while you follow the trail.

You can invite and adjust permissions for specific hunters, limit who can modify where hunting spots and map markers are, and give others access to maintain and update the map throughout the season. If you move stand or blind, you can share that with your family so your family member doesn’t walk in the dark to a stand that isn’t there.

Sharing a Hunt Area

There are a few ways to share a Hunt Area:

  1. Inviting a user from the My Content Menu
  2. Inviting a user from the Hunt Area detail view.
  3. Hunt Area Prompt


All of these methods enter Hunt Area Sharing, which lets you grant access to your Hunt Area.

Invite Hunters to Your Hunt Area

Tap the My Content menu on the Map. This will open the My Content menu.

Scroll to the Hunt Area you would like to invite a user to.


Tap Invite on that Hunt Area. This will allow you to search for a user to share with.

User Lookup: You can search for a user on HuntWise and invite them to the area.

Invite others via SMS: Invite someone who currently does not have HuntWise to the area with a text.


Once the user has been selected or invited, you will be able to set permissions for that user.

User is Admin: This grants full control over the Hunt Area and its Markers.

Can Invite Users: This allows this user to invite additional users to the Hunt Area.

Can Edit Markers: This allows the user to edit existing Markers on the Hunt Area.


Once finished, tap Grant Access.

The invited user will now be able to log in to HuntWise and accept access to the Hunt Area.

Sharing Markers

The key difference between sharing a Marker and a Hunt Area is the ability to collaborate. Sharing a Marker sends a copy of that Marker to the recipient hunter, sharing a Hunt Area grants access to collaborate on the same Hunt Area.

So if you are dropping a Marker and want to send it to someone else – share your Marker. If you want to grant access to your area and all of its Marker, Shapes, and Markups – share your Hunt Area instead.

How to Share a Marker

Tap any existing Marker on the Map. This will open the Marker Detail View.


Tap Share Pin. This will allow you to select the method you wish to share your Marker with. SMS is typically used.

Once sent, the recipient will be able to click the link from HuntWise they received to add the Marker to their Map.


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