How to Find Peak Hunting Times with HuntCast

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With HuntCast, you’ll never guess when to hunt again. The app tells you the day, time and location to hunt—and teaches you why.


HuntCast is your home for identifying key hunting opportunities in the 15 days. HuntCast gives you an in-depth look at essential hunting-related weather variables and an at-a-glance view of the likelihood of species movement for particular days and times.


There are a few areas in HuntCast that hunters should be aware of to get the most out of the tool:

HuntCast Location Overview

Quickly get today’s hourly Whitetail Movement Probability, weather conditions, wind direction, sunrise, and sunset at any of your Hunt Areas or Markers.


15-Day Peak Movement Probability

HuntCast is built to track the 15-day forecast and simultaneously drill down to exact days and times when weather conditions are optimal for daylight deer movement.


HuntCast Location Detail

Dive deeper into your hunting spot and unlock more visibility into hourly weather conditions, see real-time and future wind conditions, and today’s HuntCast factors and how they affect your Peak Movement Probability.



Set ideal wind directions for each of your blinds and stands to compare by wind direction to reduce the spread of scent into areas where target animals reside.


HuntCast Factors

Unpack and understand the core mechanics of HuntCast – the Factors. These are the key contributing elements that determine the HuntCast score for your Hunt Area or Marker. All Factors have a tappable deep dive that provide more information about that Factor, and how it applies to hunting strategy.



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