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With HuntCast, you’ll never guess when to hunt again. The app tells you the day, time and location to hunt—and teaches you why.



HuntCast gives you an in-depth look at essential hunting-related weather variables and an at-a-glance view of the likelihood of species movement for particular days and times.

Access peak movement times of the week for 14 of North America's most sought-after species including whitetail, turkey, waterfowl, elk, and 10 other species. species.png

HuntCast is built to track the 15-day forecast and simultaneously drill down to exact days and times when weather conditions are optimal for daylight deer movement.


With long-range hunting forecasts, you can effectively track weather conditions, pinpoint when the best hunts will be and plan to be in the woods when your odds of success are highest.

Stay low profile by using Scent Drift to check the forecasted wind conditions at your tree stands and visualize how your scent will be pushed downwind on a real-time basis. scentdrift-1.png
Receive text message alerts when upcoming hunting conditions are optimal for a particular property, map pin, or area you hunt. push_notifications.png

With Whitetail Strategy 365, stay in tune with what you should be doing year-round to optimize your odds of success in the deer woods.


Learn from other hunters, habitat specialists, and more with content designed to educate and support you as you look to close the gap and find deer hunting success.
















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