Using WindCast: How to Compare Stands by Wind

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There are two ways to launch WindCast and compare your stands, blinds, and hunting spots:

Hunt Areas: Compare hunting spots by the wind in a Hunt Area.

Marker: Compare hunting spots by the wind near a marker.



Using WindCast

To launch WindCast from a Hunt Area, tap Open on a Hunt Area.

Tap WindCast in the Hunt Area detail view. The WindCast calendar selection will now be open. calendar_select.png

Select the day in the future you would like to compare your hunting spots by the wind. This will now open the spot comparison view.

This view will present the stands in view, the ideal winds set (or not set) for each spot, and how ideal the winds are for that specific spot.

If a spot has a 100% WindCast score, it is perfect for the winds at that time and date. If it has a 0% score, it is not an ideal spot to hunt based on the wind conditions forecasted for that time.


To visualize wind conditions for that spot, tap any of the spots in the spot comparison view.

This will show the wind conditions that are affecting that stand. This is called ScentDrift. If the wind particles on the stand are green, the ideal winds set for that stand are ideal for wind conditions forecasted for that time and day. If they are red, they are not forecasted to be ideal.


If winds are not set for a spot, a button SET IDEAL WIND will appear next to the spot name for you to quickly set ideal winds for that spot.


Hunting spots based on the wind will present more opportunities at target bucks and reduce your chances of burning the spot. Hunting areas with poor wind conditions educate deer, and when you have minimal time to hunt, and great conditions don’t come every day – being in the right place, at the right time, is critical for hunting success.

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