Preparing Your Hunt Areas and Markers for WindCast

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*Note: If you have not read our Maps Guides –  refer to that guide first to familiarize yourself with HuntWise Maps before using WindCast.

Hunting by the wind is essential to elevate your odds of success in the deer woods. Understanding the wind, scent, and how those variables affect your blinds, stands, and hunting spots and catering your hunt strategy to take them into account can present hunters with far more opportunities at target animals.

WindCast makes this process much easier, especially when having to think through more than a single stand or blind and think about how the wind is moving your scent and if the spot is still huntable. WindCast takes all of your hunting spots, analyzes how the wind moves your scent, and compares them to each other to identify where you should be every time you head to the woods.

To use WindCast, there are a few items that need to be done before comparing hunting spots with the most accurate data. This starts with creating Hunt Areas and Markers.

  1. To get started, navigate to your Hunt Area. If you do not have any Hunt Areas created yet – start here with How to Create a Hunt Area.
  2. Once you are at your Hunt Area, ensure that you have markers placed that are in the Blind & Stands category.
    • Duck Blind
    • Elevated Blind
    • Glassing Location
    • Ground Blind
    • Layout Blind
    • Observation Tower
    • Tree Stand

These markers can set ideal winds, which allows you to compare the winds that are ideal for hunting that spot.

Setting Ideal Winds on a Blind or Stand

To check if the marker has the correct winds set, tap any of the markers on your Hunt Area set above. This will open the Marker Detail view.

Expand the view by swiping up the tray & tap the Ideal Wind tab. This will show the ideal winds currently set for that stand if any. create_marker.png

To set or change the ideal winds for that stand, tap the Tap to set the ideal wind button. This will open the Set ideal wind direction view.

Select the wind that is ideal for that hunting spot.


This is critical for WindCast to properly compare your hunting spots to real-time wind conditions.

You are also able to set ideal winds when you create one of the markers listed above.

Once your ideal winds are selected, tap Save.

Your Winds are now updated for that marker –which will be indicated by a message on the bottom of the map. You are now ready to launch WindCast.


Best practices are to set and update your Ideal Winds for spots whenever necessary. WindCast is a powerful tool to identify which spot to be in at the right time but requires you to set and update the ideal winds for that spot.

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