Shapes and Food Plots

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Creating Food Plots and different shapes to outline areas can help identify areas of importance that are larger than a single point. This is especially useful, for example, when you are looking to measure and understand the area of a food plot to order seeds to plant or outline an area to cut back to put in a new plot.

Creating a Shape

To get started, tap the Add to Map Menu. This will open the menu and display the various tools available to choose from.


Tap Add a Shape. This will open the Add a Shape view, and you can begin creating your shape by adding points to the map.

Tap the map to add points to create your shape.

Tap Save when complete. This will open Give this Area a name view.


Enter a name for your new Shape.

When finished, tap Save.

Your Shape will now appear on the map.

You can tap your shape to see acreage, share, add notes, and more. wind_direction.png

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