How to Add Map Markers

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Markers are an essential part of HuntWise Maps. Quickly place Waypoints, Tree stands, Trail cams, blinds, and glassing points to the map with images and notes attached for later use.


There are two ways to add Markers to the map:

  1. Long Press on the Map: Long press anywhere on the map to instantly add a map marker.
  2. Add to Map Menu: Quickly add a map marker from the Add to Map Menu.

Creating a Marker

Long Press on the Map or tap Add Marker from the Add to Map Menu.

Long press anywhere on the map.


Select a recently used Marker, or tap More to see all Markers in the Create a Marker view. Select any Marker necessary.


Name Your Marker.


Tap More Options to add images and notes to your Marker. This could be a picture of your trail camera or tree stand, and notes on how to access it or animals in the area.


Tap Save in More Options.

Tap Save in Create a Marker view.


If you selected a Marker that is a Blind or Stand you can set the ideal wind direction for that Marker.


Ideal winds are the winds that are the most optimal for hunting that blind or stand location.

This is used to optimize your HuntCast and WindCast rating, which will compare all blinds and stands on your hunt area and determine the best place to be at any given time.


If required: Set ideal wind direction for Blind or Stand Markers.

Tap Save in Set ideal wind direction view.


Once your Marker is created, you will have a few options to choose from:

  1. Predict: Launch HuntCast and predict the best time to hunt that location up to 15 days out.
  2. Move Pin: Change the location of the Marker
  3. Share Pin: Share this pins location with a friend, family member, or another hunter.
  4. WindCast: Compare wind direction on Blinds and Stands that are in view up to 15 days out.
  5. Hide/Show this marker which toggles the visibility of the marker. This is useful if you have multiple years of pins on a Hunt Area, and don’t want to delete and lose the marker position, notes, and images.
  6. Add notes to the Marker.
  7. Adjust or set ideal winds for Blind or Stand Markers
  8. See additional info and add photos to Marker
  9. More Options are available through tapping the ellipse in the Marker Detail view, which provides Marker directions, Edit Pin, Copy Coordinates, and Delete this Marker.


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