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There are a few key components to HuntWise Maps – each of which affects a different part of the hunting process:

You can find new areas to hunt by looking at Public Land Layers, Property Lines between public and private land, Landowner Contact information, and multiple High-Resolution Satellite Layers.

After you find an area to hunt, public or private, you can design your potential hunt strategy. This saves time, and energy and maximizes your opportunity to narrow your scouting efforts to high-value areas. This is where tools like topographic and terrain maps, access points, state-specific map layers, and 3D maps come into play. Once you narrow your search, you can being to markup your map with key points. Marking tree stands, trail cameras, parking, species, animal sign, and other in-field variables in your map connects the dots in the field.

As new information and data come in, either from scouting or hunts, you can then focus on updating your maps and markups to reflect your current hunt area as accurately as possible. This is key to making more informed strategy decisions throughout the hunting season, or if you need to share your maps with friends and family or other hunters.

Let’s break down HuntWise Maps – so you know how to and when to use each tool to set yourself up for hunting success this fall.


HuntWise Maps were designed to quickly inform hunters where they can go hunting, and to provide information on the terrain and habitat variables to assist with the planning process for upcoming hunts.

 There are a couple of key areas of the map we will want to identify to help get you started:

GPS Information: See GPS strength and accuracy, as well as current elevation, and your coordinates based on your location. gps.png
Map Layers: Toggle different map base layers, overlay layers, and map features to adjust what information is presented to you. my_content.png
Property Lines: See boundaries between different types of land and get addresses and contact information for landowners. property_lines.png
Search (Landowners and Locations): Search the map for specific places or landowners to find exactly what you are looking for. search.png
My Content: Your home for all of your hunt areas, markers, and offline areas. Easily offline, toggle visibility, and share your areas with other hunters. my_content_2.png
Add to Map Menu: Quickly add Markers, create Hunt Areas, Add Shapes & Food Plots, Paths, and visualize your map with new definition with 3D Maps all in one place. add-to-map.png
About This Location: Tap anywhere on the map to get more information about the selected location, quickly add Markers, copy point coordinates, and get driving directions to the location. about_this_location.png




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